Money doesn’t come with instructions but i’m here to give you the right perspective on what you should be doing.

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A True GEM “Going the Extra Mile”


About Felicia

Real Estate Broker Owner of Guidry Realty Group / GRG Benefits & Consulting, LLC. Felicia is a true GEM “Going the Extra Mile” a “Source” in her business and community. Removing Roadblocks, Equipping Entrepreneurs, Launching Leaders and Taking Territory.



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    Client Testimonials

    Going from Average to Excellent Credit
    “Thank you Felicia for helping me after going through the credit restoration program I was able to get a signature loan from a major back with no collateral. I was able to start my business and have working capital”
    Horace PG
    Great Credit Instant Approval!
    “We got a brand new family SUV after my score increased. We got approved for our new loan in minutes. I cried Sooo I basically trusted the process & followed the STEPS! The things that I know now, boy if I had known then”
    Denise T
    First Time Home Buyers, Credit Restoration Made It Possible!
    “Ok Y’all, Here we GROW again! Back in March I was so excited to announce hitting the 700 club. From that point I declared my next stop would be Home Owner. Fast Forward look at God, I’m officially a first time Home Owner! Won’t He do it!! I’m a product of the product that faithfully stuck with the process and got RESULTS! What kind of company can take someone with the worst of the worst credit and make them an Educated and Qualified Buyer in less than a year. No body but you!”
    Eric and Valerie T