Is it possible to build a home based financial services business and make the same income, if not more, than at a traditional job? Yes it’s possible. And, it’s wonderful. I can say that because I have done it and can show you how.

No traffic due to traveling from home to office, breaks and days off when “you” want. You work with people that you like because you can choose who you want to spend time with.

Our home based financial services business is Financial Education Services (FES). This is the business my husband and I chose to launch and build alongside of our real estate business. Because of the growth of this new business were in a position to help more people. The reason we chose FES is due to the track record of the company and the nature and pricing of the services they offer.

We were not going to refer our valued customers, associates and friends to a company that was less than solid. FES has been in business 14 years. FES has an A+ BBB rating. They have served close to one million clients, and are accredited by the National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NACSO). The company has maintained the same principal leaders over the 14 years of its existence, and is debt free.


Financial Education Services offer a cost effective membership of services that include credit restoration, a debt management program to accelerate paying off debt, identity theft protection, a will and trust program along with other financial benefits. In these tough economic times nearly everyone is in need of these services. FES has something that everyone needs and offers a plan of action to protect your lifestyle, your finances as well as your future.

Up until 2009 the business model of FES was as a traditional company with agents selling to consumers. That has changed and FES now has a network marketing structure. Agents can now bring on and train other agents all over the country. They develop a long term residual income as well as an immediate income by selling the services.

What I Enjoy About Working With FES

One is the relationships that are developed with our clients and other professionals. People in the mortgage industry, real estate professionals, bankruptcy attorneys, tax professionals and auto dealers are great network partners. People in these professions all have clients that need to restore their credit. Real Estate, mortgage and auto dealers in particular want to work with us. They have prospective clients that once FES successfully removes derogatory items from their credit report become ready, willing and now able buyers. FES and what it offers to people is not a trend it’s more of a financial membership that looks at an individual in a holistic manner. FES is a long term home based financial services business opportunity whose services will be wanted and needed many years from now. There are Agents with FES making a nice part-time income all the way up to those that are making 5 figures a week. So, it has the same huge income potential like many network marketing companies if someone is willing to go to work and build it. We are some of those people and would love to share more.

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